Occupy Wall Street .. Ladies Long Sleeve

Occupy Wall Street .. Ladies Long Sleeve by pharostore

this ladies’ long-sleeve shirt is a really wonderful example of the occupy wall street t-shirts. This specific casual t-shirt has a regular long-sleeved fit and wears very comfortably. If you really get a kick out of this product, look for some other ideas by searching  pharostore‘s online store.
Combed for extreme comfort, this 100% spun cotton tee is ready for ordering in an array of colours each of which will look gorgeous together with pharostore’s street art. Featuring ultra-long sleeves this long-sleeve shirt, ready to be ordered in sizes as large as 2XL, is super adorable. Once it’s made, this fitted street tshirt will quickly become a critical piece in any woman’s daily wardrobe. Remarkably original, this occupy wall street .. ladies long sleeve shirt is representative of the huge amount of cute designs listed in the Occupy Wall Street .. category.

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Occupy Wall Street design collection » by Pharostore.


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